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We offer semi-guided hunts in elevated stands (requiring a harness) and lodging in a camper on the family farm.  Meals are on your own, the camper has a refrigerator, stove, out door grill and of course heat/AC.  The hunter will have to buy their own tags either online at the MDC website or at local store.

Plan to arrive the afternoon/evening before your scheduled hunt.  We will show you the hunting areas, aerial maps and discuss the weather and wind as well as review the recent trail camera photos to help you decide the best location for the next morning.  After the morning hunt (unless you would like to sit all day) we will review the wind and weather again before the evening hunt.  You will be welcome to leave after the last evening hunt or stay another night in the camper if you would prefer to leave the following day.

The hunter is responsible for processing any harvest.  We only allow harvesting mature whitetails at least 3.5 years of age and scoring a minimum of 150“, any harvest under 150“ will have an immediate fine of $100/inch under 150“ – we can’t grow trophy’s allowing hunters to shoot immature whitetails.

Hunters are allowed to harvest one doe during their hunt.

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